Brawadis Net worth, Age, Real Name, New House and Earning

Brawadis real name Brandon Awadis is a famous youtuber ,social media Influencer and basketball enthusiast. He is popular for his prank videos, reaction videos ,challenging videos and  vlogs. His carrier start rising in 2015 when he started uploading epic prank videos.

As we know that brawadis is famous youtuber and social media star so the main question about brawadis that’s arise in people mind is about his wealth and earning

so in this article we will discuss about brawdies net worth.

Brawadis Net Worth and Earning

As of 2022, By different statics and calculations we come to know that brawadis current net worth is about $4.5 million.

NameBrandon Awadis
Date of Birth1995
Net worth $4.5 Million
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States
Age27 years

Source of Income

He have multiple sources of income. Main source of his income is his YouTube channel on which he have more then 5.4 million subscribers and over more then 1700 videos on his account. his total number of views on his videos are over 1.5 billion and his channel receives more then a half million views per day.

Family and Personal Life

His girl friend name is Jackie Figueroa and he dated her from 2015 till 2017. He also made videos about his parents who he named as Mama Rug and Papa Rug. Another interesting fact about him is that he is brother of Faze Rug and featured her in several videos.

How Much he Actually earns?

Lets Do Some Calculations:

Lets do some calculations to understand how much money brawardis can earn from YouTube.

Influencer’s marketing hub is a policy according to which YouTube channels can get  $3 – $5 per thousand views on normal videos and  an average of $18 per thousand ad views($0.018 per ad-view). On average Brawadis make 15 to 20 minutes long monetized(containing ads) YouTube videos.

According to all the above facts  Brawadis YouTube channel receives around 17M views per month and according to all the above calculation Brawadis earn an estimated amount of $2.2 million per year.

Additional Source of Income

His other sources of income are:

  1. He sell merchandise online such as T-shirts and hoodies of price  $23.99 to $34.99.
  2. He is partner with many famous companies like SeatGeek and because of fame gets multiple sponsorship.
  3.  He is famous on Instagram also currently has more then 1.8 million followers which make him a target for many famous companies in a result of which he make a large amount of money by doing sponsored posts on Instagram.
  4. He is investor in many hotels and bars which must make him a good deal of money.

Brawadis Social Media Accounts:

If you want to check the lifestyle of Brawadis here are links of  his social media accounts:

Brawadis Monthly Net Worth:

Some of Brawadis fans want to know the monthly income of Brawadis. By considering the above calculation and by some statics Brawadis Net Worth of a few months is as follows:

MonthGross Earning
June 2022        $ 11.2K
May 2022        $ 9.95K
April 2022        $ 8.32K
March 2022         $ 11.9K
February 2022         $ 4.39K
December 2021        $ 5.06K
November 2021        $ 10.1K
October 2021         $ 10.2K
September 2021         $ 12.4K
August 2021         $ 12K
July 2021         $ 5.9K
June 2021         $ 20.9K
May 2021        $ 12.7K
April 2021         $ 14.7K
March 2021         $ 18K

By considering All the above factors, statics, conclusions and calculations Brawadis  networth is $4.5M or more, but not less.

How old is brawadis?

Brawadis born on 23 June 1995 in San Diego , United States ,California and now 27 years old.

What is Brawadis height?

His Height is 5 feet 7 inches. Which is good enough for a Youtube star. He use his height in many ways during his videos.

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