Cody Ko Net worth, Girlfriend, Age, Earning and Complete Bio

Cody Ko is a multi talented Canadian YouTube star, comedian and pod caster among various other roles he has created. One of his most distinguished occupations to date is his creation of the Vine, youtube and other social media comedy channel in the year 2015, where he uploaded an assortment of witty short videos.

Cody Ko Net worth & Start

As of 2022, his net worth is estimated at $6 million. Cody Ko’s online credentials are based on a collection of platforms and mediums, including Vine, YouTube, and TikTok, a script-driven production, a podcast, and also music. Cody’s performance-based internet marketing strategy has contributed to his success in developing a powerful online brand name.

Cody Ko Age and Height

His birth date is November 22, 1990 so this made cody ko 31 years old. Cody Ko’s Height is normal one 1.75 meter or 5.7 feet. He looks taller in videos.

Family and Wife & Girlfriend

Cody Ko belonged to a Canadian family and his father Greg Kolodziejzyk was a Cyclist, entrepreneur, speaker. Before his become popular he met a girl named Kelsey Kreppel and they start dating. After around 4 years Cody Ko Proposed Kelsey and she said yes so now they are engaged. There are speculations that they will get married soon.

Early Age and Real Name of Cody Ko

His real name is a bit difficult to pronounce which is Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk. He started his life from a small town as a normal kid. He attended Spring bank community high school and then joined Duke university. He was funny and due to his witty style people encouraged him to show his talent. So he made hi Vine channel with short videos which was the first step in his career.

Cody Ko Dog’s Net worth

Cody’s goals are to be filthy rich to the point that people search for his dog’s net worth. His dog’s name is Chili which is loved by his girlfriend as well. He is striving hard for his goals and using all sort of social media channels.

cody ko dog net worth
cody ko dog net worth

How much money does Cody Ko make?

He make around $1.7 Million from several sources including you tube, Vine, Music, Sponsors and his own Merch products. With consistent work he proved that success can be achieved if you are talented.

Cody Ko and Noel Miller

Cody Ko and Noel Miller own same you tube channel and they make funny and other content which is appreciated by millions of people around the world. This duet is working since years now and earning a good fortune.

What app did Cody Ko sell?

I’d Cap That” is an iphone app which Cody developed during his study project in Duke University. Its free available on iphone store. It adds caption to your photos automatically so a pretty cool feature for the people who love taking and sharing pics online. This application received more than 4 million downloads and later bought by a company named “iddiction” in a heavy chunk of money.

Cody Ko’s Vine, Youtube , Snapchat, Instagram , Twitter and FB

He is quite famous on social media as he started his career from Vine short videos and later moved on to other channels like youtube , twitter and fb etc. Following are some of his channels:

Vine :

Youtube : Cody Ko

Twitter :

Snapchat : @codyko

Instagram : @CodyKo

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