Colton Underwood Net Worth, Salary, Age and Wife

Colton underwood was born on January 26, 1992 in Indianapolis the capital city on Indiana  (USA). He started football at his university age in Illinois State University and later became an American former football player and played in different NFL seasons for a different clubs such as Oakland Riders, Philadelphia Eagles and The Bachelorette .

After his football carrier he also worked in television shows and on different social media sites. He is one of the rich former footballers of Indiana and famous celebrate on social media.

Colton Underwood Net Worth and Salary

Colton is an owner of approximately $1 Million Dollars. He earned this huge amount by different ways such as:


He played in NFL for different football clubs and earn a good amount of money. In 2014 he was selected for the first time to play in NFL and signed as free agent by San Diego Charges where he played for some months and then got released in same year.

colton underwood NFL
colton underwood NFL

The next team he signed was Philadelphia Eagles practice squad then after releasing he join Oakland Riders as a last team of his football carrier where he played for a year. 

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By Television

After his football carrier he started working on television as a reality shows host. He worked for an American elimination-style reality competition television series such as The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise and earned a good salary. He was a contestant of the 14th season of the Bachelor and also a star of 23rd season of Bachelor in 2018.

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Colton Underwood Beyond the Edge

Beyond the edge is reality show based on survival in jungles and remote areas. In which Celebrities of different fields such as Music, Tv , Sports, Games etc. participates to check their physical and mental abilities and the winners get prize money.

colton underwood beyond the edge

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Colton Underwood participates in it in 2022 and lived for many weeks in the creepy, Killer and dangerous jungle of panama where he tackle many hurdles and fight with many problems with very good strategies and survive in it and won the first position on May 18, 2022, with huge amount of prize money which he donated to his charity Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation.

Colton Underwood Height Weight and Age

Colton Underwood is 30 years old with a Height of 1.91 m (6.2 feet) and has a body weight of 116 kg. His body is fit and smart as he is active in physical activities such as football, hiking, survival and gym.

Wife Cassia and Family

Colton decides to marry with Cassia but after his marriage announcement he leave her so he is unmarried and have no children’s. His family members are his father and mother Scott Underwood and Donna Burkard. Furthermore, his father is an Insurance Agent while his mother is a Realtor.   

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Colton Underwood Number

Colton phone number is  (+1) 310-299-9264. He provided this phone number on social media to help the people who want to charity for his foundation.

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How much is Colton Underwood Worth?

Some people usually asked about the worth of Colton Underwood. Colton worth a lot as a pro athlete, Tv star, social media figure and influencer but the main reason of his worth in people heat is because of his non-profit legacy foundation which help the patients of cystic fibrosis by providing them a good treatment and hope to live a healthy life.

Why is Colton Underwood Rich?

Some of Colton’s fans ask about the wealth and reason of his richness so the Colton Underwood is rich because he do struggle in his life to make a successful carrier in NFL, Television and on social media. Although we dont support his all causes but his sports career is promising.

Colton Underwood’s Social Media Profiles

Here are some links of his social media accounts:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • You tube

He don’t have you tube channel but this channel posts many videos about him

This is all about Colton Underwood and his networth as well as family and personal life. We do not endorse his life style as he is member of un-natural community (gay). Such people shouldn’t be followed in this way. Otherwise you can follow him in sports and fitness.

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