Evan Hafer Networth Wife (Kate) Height and House

Evan Hafer is a an Ex soldier who served in the US military for eight years. After leaving the military, he started Black Rifle Coffee Company with two of his best friends in December 2014.

The company has since grown to become one of the most popular coffee brands in the United States. Hafer’s passion for coffee and his dedication to providing quality products have helped Black Rifle Coffee become a staple in many people’s lives.

Veteran Evan Hafer transformed his passion of coffee over to Black Rifle Coffee’s.

Evan Hafer Net worth Wife Height House and All

Name Evan Hafer
Date of Birth1967
ProfessionEx Military and now now businessman
Relationship Married
Wife NameKate Hafer
Networth$1 Million

Hafer’s story of beginning his venture, what led him to create this company, and how he made it a success are interesting. Lets discuss more about Evan Hafer Networth in details.

Early Life

Born in Northern Idaho, Evan Hafer is still a resident and enthusiast of coffee. After spotting his father and grandfather roasting coffee at home, he decided he would most likely learn how to roast coffee, so he spent time watching. After serving his country at the age of 19, Hafer cherished the pleasure coffee brought him.

Career and Achievements

Hafer was a top performer in both physical training and marksmanship during training. After coming off Basic Training, Hafer joined the Special Forces right away to become a Green Beret. During his service, he served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Special Forces soldier and as the owner and leader of an Air Force Special Military Contractor. He was also a CIA Special Staff member and an Apache pilot, Airborne.

Idea of Black Rifle Coffee Company

When he was in Military he developed a taste for coffee roasting, and in 2006 he started roasting coffee beans, which he took with his deployment. Prior to leaving business, he founded Black Rifle Coffee Company and eventually retired from active duty in 2015. Evan’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 billion.

Black Coffee ‘s popularity grew to the point that it came to be recognised as a conservative coffee brand. Its rich marketing campaign led to a doubling of product sales last year.

Evan Hafer Height , Wife and House

Evan hafer served in Military for 5 ft 6 inches is the standard height for ex military. His wife is Kate Hafer and she supports his cause. His age is 46 years with an average weight of 77 Kg. He lives in Park City, Utah with his family.

Black Rifle Coffee Company and Veterans

Black Rifle Coffee Company established a headquarters in Salt Lake City as it grew in size. At the time, Black Rifle Coffee had only 50 employees, but the staff grew steadily over time. They pledged to hire more than 10K veterans.

In 2019 the company brought in a record amount of revenue of $80 million, surpassing the $30-million target of its own in the prior year. Also, the beverage company went on to expand to several chains throughout the United States.

Was Evan Hafer a Green Beret?

Yes Evan Hafer was a green beret where he served in most dangerous places in USA and abroad like Afghanistan etc.

What group was Evan Hafer?

He served in Army Special Operations Group. The Army Special Operations Command (ASOC) is a unique and highly capable combat force. ASOC comprises of infantry, armour, artillery, airborne and special operations forces that are specially trained to conduct unconventional warfare and counter-terrorism operations.

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