KARD Profile Members Age, Birthdays , Heights, Positions

KARD has taken the music industry by storm since their debut in 2017. Their unique sound and catchy beats have made them a global sensation, with fans all over the world eagerly awaiting new releases from this talented group of four.

As KARD’s profile continues to rise, so does interest in its members’ ages, birthdays, heights and positions within the band – and I’m here to answer those burning questions.

In this article, I’ll take an in-depth look at each member of KARD and provide you with all the details you need on their age, birthday, height and position. So stick around to find out more about Jiwoo, Somin, J.Seph and BM.

Kard Profile Members Complete Information

KARD is a co-ed group that has captivated audiences since their debut in 2016. Signed to DSP Media, the members consist of J.seph (제이셉)  , B.M., Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo – all talented artists with unique styles.

Their music style consists of hip hop and EDM genres, allowing them to produce hits like ‘Don’t Recall’, which gained international recognition. KARD’s discography includes two EPs: Hola Hola (2017) and Ride on the Wind (2018).

Alongside their music prowess, they are known for their fashion sense as well as being trendsetters when it comes to choreography, having created dances for songs such as ‘Rumor’ and ‘Bomb Bomb’.

All in all, KARD continues to exceed expectations through their distinct performances and hard work.

Profiles Of Bm , J.Seph, Jeon Somin, Jeon Jiwoo

Let’s dive into the profiles of each member of kard to get an overview of their ages, birthdays, heights and positions.

We’ll start with BM, J.seph, Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo.


The ages of the members of kard are an integral part of their story and formation process. BM is 28 years old, J.seph 27, Jeon Somin 25, and Jeon Jiwoo 23 – a relatively young group with diverse age ranges that add to the power of their music.

This range in ages has certainly impacted the dynamic between them during their formation process – each member brings different perspectives and experiences which inherently adds maturity to their sound as they meld together as one harmonious unit.

It’s clear how this diversity fuels Kard’s success, both on stage and off; all four members have undeniable chemistry that radiates through every performance. Whether it be from BM or Jiwoo, we can always look forward to something new and exciting when Kard takes the stage.


BM was born on October 20th, J.seph on March 13th, Somin on August 22nd, and Jiwoo on April 19th – they each have different signs which lend themselves to their individual personalities and musical styles.

Their birthdays are celebrated by fans all around the world, with Kard’s impact both in and outside of music growing exponentially every day.

From BM’s bold rap-style to Jiwoo’s smooth vocal lines, this group has something for everyone; no matter what kind of music you prefer there is always something for you when it comes to Kard.

With such unique talents combined into one powerhouse unit, it’s easy to see why people from all walks of life can get behind them.

So let’s celebrate the birthdays of these four incredible individuals who make up Kard – here’s to many more years of amazing music ahead.

Age Of Bm , J.Seph, Jeon Somin And Jeon Jiwoo

BM is the youngest member of kard at 17 years old. J.seph is the next oldest at 22, while Somin and Jiwoo are 23 and 20 respectively. All four members of kard have distinct heights and positions within the group, making them a powerful unit.

Bm Age: 17

KARD BM profile

Kard’s BM is the oldest of them all, at 17 years old. He takes on multiple roles within the group, acting as both a vocalist and visual member for KARD. His presence has undoubtedly contributed to their success in the music industry, with fans praising his strong vocals and stage presence.

While he may be younger than some of the other members, he certainly carries himself like an adult – making him an integral part of KARD’s winning formula.

As time passes by, it’s clear that BM will only continue to grow more successful and shine brighter.

J.Seph Age: 22

KARD J.seph profile

The fourth member of KARD is J.seph – the eldest of them all at 22 years old! He’s a vocalist and rapper, bringing an impressive mix of Korean influence and musical genres to the group. With his experience as both a singer and songwriter, he has made his mark on the industry with his unique style.

His presence in KARD demonstrates that age does not always determine success within the music world. Whether it’s rap or vocals, J.seph never fails to deliver with precision and finesse.

Fans have praised him for being able to switch between various styles effortlessly, making sure that each performance stands out from the others.

It’s clear that this multi-talented artist will only continue to rise higher and shine brighter.

Somin Age: 23

The youngest and the most experienced member of KARD is Jeon Somin, who recently celebrated her 23rd birthday. Being born in 1997, she has been able to witness their rise in popularity first hand since debuting back in 2017.

Her contributions as a vocalist have made an immense impact on KARD’s music, giving them a unique flavor that fans absolutely adore. As part of DSP Media’s girl group lineup, Somin has worked alongside other successful acts such as A Pink and April which helped catapult her career even further into the spotlight.

With her powerful vocals and strong stage presence, it’s no wonder why KARD continues to soar with success – all thanks to Somin’s efforts.

What Is Kard And Why Its Formed By Dsp Media?

KARD is a co-ed group formed by South Korean entertainment agency DSP Media, who are known for their unique concept and style. The four members of KARD— BM, J.seph, Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo — have become widely popular since they debuted in 2017.

Here’s an overview of the highlights from their career so far:

  • They’re credited with creating a new genre of music that blends together both hip hop and trot elements.
  • Their songs often feature powerful choreography which has earned them recognition from fans all around the world.
  • In addition to their impressive discography, KARD has also gained notoriety for their creative use of social media to build up fan culture and engagement within their fandom (known as “Hidden Kard”).
  • The group has performed at numerous music festivals across Asia such as Coachella Korea, Ultra Music Festival Japan and Zandari Festa 2018 in Seoul.
  • Since debuting, KARD has been nominated for several awards including Mnet Asian Music Awards Best New Artist Award.

KARD continues to be recognized worldwide due to their innovative approach to music making, dynamic performances and clever digital marketing strategies. It’s clear that these four talented artists will continue to make waves in the future!

Who Is The Leader Of Kard?

KARD is a co-ed K-Pop group consisting of four members: BM, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo. All the members have had unique experiences before coming together to form this talented quartet.

BM’s background in Hip Hop gave him an edge for his role as leader, while J.Seph was able to draw on his previous experience singing R&B ballads during his journey leading up to debuting with KARD.

Somin’s style has been described as edgy and chic which makes her stand out from the crowd and helped give KARD their own distinct sound when they debuted in 2017.

Meanwhile, Jiwoo’s journey began at a young age when she trained in dance and vocals – something that still shines through today in her performances both live and on stage.

With each member bringing something special to the table, it’s no surprise that KARD has become one of South Korea’s most popular groups since its inception.

Are The Members Of Kard Dating Each Other?

In the KARD profile, one topic that always fascinates fans is the dating status of its members. Dating rumors have been circulating since their debut in 2016, and with no confirmations from either side it’s difficult to determine whether any couples speculation has any truth behind it.

To date, there hasn’t been much revealed about the group’s love lives other than some hints at ideal types – though these could be more for entertainment purposes rather than actual interests.

To help understand the group better and get a clearer picture of who might be involved with whom, let’s look at what we know so far:

  • The current marital statuses of each member: All five members are currently single according to official sources.
  • Each member’s dating history: No publicly known relationships have been confirmed by any of the members or the company they are signed under.
  • Possible ideal types:
  • Jiwoo has expressed interest in someone tall and cute;
  • BM prefers people who share similar hobbies;
  • Somin would like someone caring yet firm;
  • Jseph enjoys people who can make him laugh;
  • Jeonghan wants someone understanding but also independent.

What Does D In Kard Stand For?

Kard’s origin has been a source of much speculation among fans, and the truth lies in DSP Media’s role.

The entertainment agency was responsible for rebranding efforts that resulted in Kard becoming an international success with devoted fan reactions across the globe.

From changing their name from K.A.R.D to just Kard, releasing their first mini-album, and their debut songs “Oh NaNa” and “Don’t Recall,’ it is clear that DSP Media had a hand in spurring on the group’s success.

With such impressive results, it can be assumed that whatever future endeavors Kard pursues will also be met with high anticipation and widespread appreciation from loyal supporters around the world.

What Is Kard Fandom Name?

KARD is an influential K pop group with a unique and dynamic sound. They have captivated audiences around the world, inspiring fans to create their own fandom culture that celebrates the members’ individual talents as well as their chemistry together.

From music styles rooted in hip-hop, R&B, and dancehall to heartfelt lyrics about love and relationships, KARD has been able to combine different elements of popular genres into one cohesive package. This combination has allowed them to reach across cultural boundaries and connect with people from all walks of life.

The members are known for having strong bonds both on stage and off; this connection between them can be seen in each performance they give as well as during interviews when discussing how much they appreciate each other’s company.

It is these dynamics within the group that make it stand out amongst its peers in the industry today and contribute greatly to its lasting impact on K pop culture.

With such a unique style achieved through harmonious member relationships, it’s no wonder why KARD continues to maintain its status at the forefront of South Korean music.

Final Words

KARD is a co-ed K-pop group formed by DSP Media in 2017. They have taken the world of music by storm with their unique blend of hip hop, EDM and reggae.

All four members, BM, J.seph, Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo are incredibly talented and each bring something special to the table. I’ve had the pleasure of researching these wonderful performers over the past few months and it has been an absolute delight getting to know them better.

From ages to heights to positions they’re truly amazing people who deserve all the success they have achieved so far. As a fan myself, I’m happy that we can now look forward to even more great music from KARD in the years ahead.

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